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Beauty with Princess Filler

Hello there, My name is Amanda and I am a mother of 2 boys, we live with our grandparents in Florida.

Last year, I fell in love with my friend Steve and our plan was to get married this year.

Everything was going so sweet and smooth until I got scars on my skin just before 6 months of our marriage.

This was indeed distressful and concerning as I was just 6 months away from my possible marriage.

I was completely crazy and had to try different procedures to get rid of these scars.

For which I was in touch with different dermatologists and doctors and everyone had the same opinion and that was to use a dermal filler called “Princess Filler”.

And certainly I did not have any other option but to try this filler in order to regain my lost skin beauty and fairness.

Until now I used to look beautiful and young but since these scars had appeared, my skin was looking reddish and soggy.

So on 24th June 2019, I went to my doctor’s clinic for my first treatment in which they did some tests to confirm if Princess Filler will be suitable for my skin.

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Fortunately, I passed every test and it was the time to go forward with the procedure.

So my treatment was scheduled for 30th June 2019. Here are few things that I would like anyone of you to consider before going forward with this treatment:

  • Make sure you are not on medication
  • Avoid having this treatment after 3-6 months of pregnancy
  • Consult your doctor if you have any type of skin allergies

How did the treatment started.

So on 30th June 2019, I went for my first injection of Princess Filler. I was a bit scared because this was my first time with any such sort of aesthetic product.

However, the doctor was using Lidocaine which is a local anesthesia which tends to reduce pain during the treatment.

And boy, it did help a lot. So the doctor injected 2x syringes of the filler into my skin’s deep dermis causing it to plump.

The best thing about these injections is that the results are instant, so within moments or I should say momentarily the results had started showing up.

After the treatment, I was asked to rest into the clinic for 1-2 hours to allow the doctors to examine the results of the filler.

Thankfully, everything was as expected or maybe even better. The scars had disappeared very much and my lost glow was also there.

Next thing, was to call my fiancé and tell him about the treatment which I did. Until now, he was unaware of the whole scenario.

When I told him the story, he did not believe it because now I was looking younger than before.

 So in my opinion, the treatment was worth the penny and I am now living a happy life with my husband.

I look younger and recommend this treatment to my friends in circle.