Hello friends and colleagues, my name Col. R. Fredrick and I am retired from British Army last at the age of sixty. I wish to share my story and experience of MyProtein, which also offer 60% Off MyProtein Discount Code which helps me in life after my professional career.

I am having a strong personality and from my childhood my only wish is to join British Army.  After completion of my studies, I applied for the Army Aptitude Test and got selected successfully.  During my entire career of 37 years with the British Army, I served in almost every division of the Force and twice been posted for UN Missions. At the age of 60, I have to say good bye to my passion and it was all a disappointing and sad moment for me.

On my return to home after the retirement, my entire family hosted a grand welcome party for me and I was surprised to see my grandson being grown at the age of 10.  He also was very excited meeting me for the first time.  It was go to be at home after so many years but at the same I am also missing my friends and colleagues.

My family wants me to stay at home for good and take rest.  However, I was of the view that I should do some part time or a good full time job, so that I can keep myself fit and alert.  But the family insisted me to hold my plans or at least six months and execute the plan, if any, after six months.   So I had to promise them for six months rest and stay at home. For the next six months, my only hobby is to sleep well, eat well and play with my grandson.  Despite of being an army men, how could I do this mistake?  This lifestyle makes me lazy and fatty and all my fitness and stamina loses within months and I gained more than 15 pounds weight. Going to gym was necessary and I was planning to go from next week since I had Myprotein promo codes with me.

How Myprotein promo codes convinced me to buy this product.

Meanwhile, after the promised period of six month, I start contacting my friends and social circle for a Security In charge position. In these days, companies are more interested in hiring retired army personnel as their Administrator or Security In charge. Soon, I got an offer from two companies and I have opted the more reputed brand out of the two. Before joining the position, I am feeling an unseen fear about the schedule, as the six months rest makes me lazy and I am not in my 100% form. I am very lucky to get a Myprotein discount code from which helped me to save 50%.

There is one week left for joining when I discussed the fear with my son and his family.  Surprisingly, my grandson has come up with an idea.  He suggest me to go for some supplements containing proteins and vitamins to get some energy. I like his idea and ask him to do this job for me. His response was very positive and immediately he come up with a brand named “MyProtein” which provide products for all ages with an attractive offer of 50% Discount on their Discount Code.

My grandson has himself ordered various vitamins and proteins supplements from “MyProtein” and acted very exciting as he is a doctor and suggest me some good pills. As the order is received, my grandson has taken the responsibility to give me the supplements in the morning and evening. 

With the help of MyProtein, I can feel the difference in me within one week and started my new career as Security Administrator, as a fit Colonel.

Thank you MyProtein for keeping me fit as I used to be in my army days.

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